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The IKK BB is the guild health insurer for Brandenburg and Berlin. Currently, around 550 employees working at a total of 25 offices in the state of Brandenburg and the capital, Berlin. The IKK BB offers all forms of statutory health provision and many other voluntary services above and beyond the legal requirements.

The company in overview

IKKBB-Sign on Rooftop

IKK Brandenburg und Berlin
Ziolkowskistr. 6
14480 Potsdam

Tel.: (0331) 64 63-0
Fax: (0331) 64 63-103

Chief executive: Frank Meier

Chair of the advisory board (policyholders): Uwe Ledwig
Chair of the advisory board (employers): Anselm Lotz

Our locations in Brandenburg and Berlin:

  • 4 central service centres in Berlin, Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder) and Potsdam, 2 business divisions (Neuruppin and Brandenburg an der Havel)
  • 25 offices
  • 11 service points

How to find us: branch locator


The history of the guild health insurers

Back then:

The system of guild health insurers can look back on a long tradition. Already before the foundations of statutory health insurance were laid in 1883, the so-called “guild insurers” offered artisans and workers protection against impoverishment in the case of sickness. In 1883, Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck introduced universal health insurance. In this way, the guild health insurers formed the basis of statutory health insurance.

After the Second World War, the guild health insurers also had to start again. In the three western zones, a social market economy was set up, of which health insurance was one of the key pillars, according to the model of structured social security. In the period of the post-war “economic miracle”, the guild health insurers blossomed, their membership constantly increasing: it entered the millions for the first time in 1961.

After reunification on 3 October 1990, the West German structures were applied to the health system in the former GDR. In 1999, the IKK BB was created from the fusion of the IKK Brandenburg and IKK Berlin.


The IKK Berlin guarantees its members a rich palette of comprehensive services, modern, local provision and many extras – at a fair price/performance ratio.

We offer many extra services beyond the legal requirements, such as osteopathy, a sports medicine-based fitness check, the IKK BB naturopathy account and on-call midwives. The IKK bonus programmes offer rewards for health awareness of up to 385 euro per person, per year.

Also on the plus side: special contracts for tailored, patient-oriented care, such as the IKKids programme offering sensible additional services for children and young people.

The IKK BB is always nearby, with 25 offices in the region, and is a reliable and competent partner for all your health questions.

Our modern website, www.ikkbb.de, provides background information on all the fields of care and service from A-Z. The IKK BB telephone service line, staffed by IKK specialists, is ready and waiting to answer members’ questions and will speak to you directly. IKKmed, the medical advice hotline staffed by doctors and health specialists will advise you on all health-related questions.

High contentment scores on the M+M insurance barometer confirm the quality of our services. The Deutsche Finanz-Service Institut (DFSI) regularly gives the IKK BB high ratings for financial strength, transparency and contribution stability.

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