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Benefit from our top services and become a member of IKK BB today.  Whatever your situation in life, we have you covered. Because we always offer you the best possible support, digitally or in person, at any of our 25 offices

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Your personal advantages at the IKK BB

Whatever your position in life, IKK BB will be there at your side. You can rely on us if you are ill or want medical attention. We will take on the costs for your treatment and medication.

In addition, we offer you numerous extras above and beyond statutory provision, such as osteopathy, a sports medicine-based fitness check, the IKK BB naturopathy account and on-call midwives. The IKK bonus programmes offer rewards for health awareness of up to 385 euro per person, per year.

Also on the plus side: special, tailored care for selected patient groups, such as the IKKids programme offering sensible additional services for children and young people.

The IKK BB is always nearby, with 25 offices in the region, and is a reliable and competent partner for all your health questions. Discover the advantages for you right now.

The IKK BB offers you a wide range of attractive services to support you and keep you fit and healthy.

  • Collect up to 170 euro with the IKK BB bonus programme
  • Grant of 40 euro per year for professional dental hygiene
  • Alternative medicine – 150 euro in grants per year
  • 75 euro for your training in a fitness studio or sports club.

Top marks for families: With our bonus programme, families can receive up to 600 euro in cash per year. The best thing: it's really easy to claim. Also, you can benefit from the outstanding health promotion and preventive medicine services and our comprehensive pregnancy and parental care.

Children and young people are covered by their parents’ family insurance. If you start an apprenticeship, you will become a member of the insurance scheme in your own right for the first time. And you will continue to reap the rewards of comprehensive protection, extra benefits and all-round services from the IKK BB.

The time has come. A new stage of life has begun, with all sorts of things to organise and decide on. For example, working out which health insurer should support you through your time at university. The benefits have to be right, as does the service. The IKK BB does both. And it gives out cash bonuses for all participants in the IKK BB bonus programme. Enjoy up to 245 euro for preventive medicine, other grants, and much more. Document certification is also free for members of the IKK BB!

As members of the IKK BB, freelancers and the voluntarily insured benefit from many insurance services. Decide on your personal optional rate (link to, set your own contributions and profit from the attractive services we offer. Statutory health insurance, in comparison to private insurance, offers particular advantages to freelancers. The contributions are not affected by the age or health status of the insured party and are clearly structured. As a member of the IKK BB, you can also insure family members such as your spouse and children free of charge.

As a pensioner, you will also enjoy the full range of services from the IKK BB. The only exception is sick pay. It is only provided as a wage-replacement benefit to employees and freelancers who are insured for it at the IKK BB. As a pensioner, you can benefit from attractive advantages at the IKK BB such as special health support, preventive services or acupuncture treatment for chronic back and knee pain.

A fair contribution for comprehensive service!

In the Brandenburg/Berlin region, the IKK BB is a mid-size health insurer offering a fair price/performance ratio.

The IKK BB contribution to health insurance is 16.59 percent. 

This consists of the general contribution of 14.6 percent and the insurer-specific additional contribution of 1.99 percent.

Contribution rates in overview

Health insurance         general contribution            14.6 percent                               
Health insurancereduced contribution14.0 percent
Additional contributionfrom 01.01.20241.99 percent
Pension insurance   18.6 percent
Unemployment insurance 2.6 percent
Nursing care insuranceexcl. child supplement3.4 percent
Nursing care insurance

with child supplement     

4.0 percent


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