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As a TOP regional health insurer, we are passionate about people in Brandenburg and Berlin! We don’t just offer comprehensive, reliable healthcare for you and your family – there’s lots more. We provide our policyholders with a wide selection of extra services such as bonuses and subsidies, naturopathy, preventive dentistry and much more.


Professional teeth cleaning: one free dental hygiene session per year with participating dentists or with a contribution of up to EUR 40 per year at a dentist of your choice
Dental prosthesis at no charge: subsidised dental prosthesis
More complex root canal treatments (endodontics)
Enamel sealant with a contribution of up to max. EUR 200
Milk tooth caries: two additional early detection examinations for babies


IKK BB Complementary Medicine Account: EUR 150/300 for families for more than 80 naturopathic treatments according to the Hufeland Index
Osteopathy: Extra contribution of up to EUR 200 per year
Homeopathy: Acupuncture for chronic knee and back pain


Travel immunization: complete
Vaccinations: all protective vaccinations in accordance with STIKO (Standing Committee on Vaccination)
HPV: vaccination against cervical cancer
Influenza vaccinations for all IKK BB policyholders
Rotavirus vaccinations for infants


In vitro fertilization: reimbursement above the statutory contribution
Medical second opinion procedure: orthopaedics
Midwife on-call service: EUR 300 contribution for expectant mothers
Home help with children up to 14 years of age
Tonsillotomy: partial removal of the tonsils for children as outpatient treatment
Sports medicine examination contribution of up to EUR 120

You can find further benefits, such as our bonus programme and extra services for children, in our service brochure.

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